Schweisstec 2021: Laserline showcasing its digitalized multi-spot-solutions for laser welding and brazing

Diode laser specialist Laserline will present a new development phase of its Digital Laser Solutions for Industry 4.0 process architectures at the Schweisstec 2021 trade fair (October 26-29, Stuttgart, Germany, hall 7, booth 7307). In the meantime, not only beam sources but also processing optics with multi-spot module can be digitally programmed, controlled and monitored. The optics were developed specifically for joining applications. This enables the optimization of industrial brazing and welding processes, in addition to supporting the full integration of laser systems into a digitalized process control.

Laserline optimizes its portfolio in the blue diode laser segment

Laserline has optimized its portfolio in the high-power blue diode laser segment. In doing so, the company is making important advances in focusing properties. This is because with output powers of up to 800 watts blue lasers will be available with 20 mm-mrad beam quality, while lasers with output powers of up to 1,500 watts will be available with 30 mm-mrad beam quality. These improvements simplify the joining of thin copper contacts as well as welding with scanner optics.

Laserline raises the power of blue CW diode lasers to 2 kW

Within a year, Laserline has been able to double the power of blue CW high-power diode lasers with 450 nm wavelength. With the LDMblue 2000-60, a new high-power diode laser is available in the compact 19” rack, offering 2 kW output power at 60 mm mrad beam quality. As a result, when welding non-ferrous metals, especially when joining copper components for the electronics industry, higher process speeds and deeper weldings become possible.

Digital Laser Solutions Laserline supports the development of fully networked-process architectures

Under the watchword ‘Digital Laser Solutions’, Laserline has expanded its portfolio with hardware and software solutions for the implementation of fully networked Industrie 4.0 process architectures. All Laserline LDF diode lasers are with immediate effect ex works available with OPC UA interfaces and can thus be integrated seamlessly into IoT architectures on an OPC UA basis. Additionally, Laserline offers a retrofit solution for the OPC UA upgrade of existing systems. By the IoT integration of the laser, the switchover to a forward-planning or condition-depended maintenance inter alia is supported.

Blechexpo / Schweisstec 2019, Stuttgart: Laserline presents a hybrid concept for copper keyhole welding

Diode laser specialist Laserline will present at the Blechexpo / Schweisstec 2019 an infrared-blue hybrid concept for copper keyhole welding and possible solutions for heat conduction welding of thin non-ferrous metal components. Also on board are infrared lasers for welding steel sheets, different processing optics, and exhibits from industrial practice.

Laserline opens subsidiary in India

Laserline has expanded its company presence in Pune / India towards a full subsidiary. With this, the diode laser specialist is merely reacting to growths in its business in South Asia. This seventh foreign subsidiary distributes the complete Laserline product portfolio and guarantees an optimal existing customer care by means of trained service technicians and a comprehensive spare part service.

Laser World of Photonics, Munich 2019: Laserline showcases first blue diode laser with...

At the Laser World of Photonics in Munich, Laserline showcases new LDF and LDM diode laser systems with increased output powers. Furthermore, as a highlight of the exhibition presentation, the first blue diode laser with a cw output power of 1 kW will be presented. Additionally, new processing optics and exhibits from diverse application areas will also be on display.

Laserline LDMblue – The world’s first blue cw diode lasers with 1 kW output...

With the LDMblue high-power diode lasers, Laserline presents the world’s first blue diode lasers with cw output power of up to 1 kW at 450 nm wavelength. As the first industry lasers, the new LDMblue lasers allow for a controlled heat conduction welding of highly reflexive non-ferrous metals such as copper or gold. They are available in standard configurations with 1000, 500 or 300 W output power.

EuroBLECH 2018: Laserline showcases its high-power diode lasers for welding, hardening and cladding

At EuroBLECH 2018, Laserline will present high-power diode lasers for all classical forms of metal processing. Additionally, processing optics and exhibits from various application fields will also be presented.

LASYS 2018: Laserline to showcase diode lasers for welding and heat treatment

At the LASYS 2018, Laserline will showcase high-power diode lasers for joining applications, cladding and heat treatment. Highlights include a laser for remote welding and highly compact diode laser modules in a 19" rack unit. Additionally, special processing optics and exhibits from different application fields will be presented.


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Laserline GmbH launched its business in 1997 in the German city of Mülheim-Kärlich (close to Koblenz). As a leading international manufacturer of diode lasers for industrial material processing, Laserline has since become the very embodiment of this innovative technology and can look back with pride at 20 years of corporate history. Worldwide, more than 5,000 high-power diode lasers from Laserline are currently in use and have proven their efficiency in a wide range of processes and applications. Currently, the company employs about 340 people and has several international subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Japan, China, South Korea and India, as well as representatives in Europe (France, UK, Italy) and in the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, Taiwan). The company is highly focused on sustainable growth. By setting up its headquarters in Mülheim-Kärlich, the spatial conditions for future expansion in terms of development and production were thus laid from the get-go.